Tingkat Delivery (10 Days)

Pricing For Lunch/Dinner Delivery Services ( 晚餐递送服务价格表 )

1. Additional Rice $8 per person (w/GST $8.56另加白饭每人$8 (w/GST $8.56) 

2. Lunch and Dinner svc available islandwide, except Sentosa. 

3. Extra charges
(i) ERP Charges: $1/day (Applicable to CBD areas)
(ii) Condominium Charges: $1/day (Applicable to all condominiums in Singapore)
   - Condominium charges can be exempted if placed at Guardhouse

4. 10 Day Package strictly with Microwave Container only 

5. Payment can be made by:
(i) Cash 
(ii) Cheque - Payable to Fong Fu Food Industries Pte Ltd, and indicate your address on the back of cheque.
(iii) Bank Transfer - Bank acc: UOB 354-305-783-3, Banking code 7375. Under comments for recipient, pls put your address and inv nos
(iv) PayNow - UEN no.: 201309427C

6. Services that are 3-days per week are NOT ELIGIBLE for replacement of meals.

7. For 10 days package, you are ELIGIBLE For 2 Days Replacement meals. Please contact office within 2 working days for Lunch, and 1 working day for Dinner for cancellation of meals.

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