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Tingkat Meals


Bento Boxes

About Tingkat Packages

If you are catching the nostalgia of savory home-cooked meals or looking for an alternative to mouthwatering Chinese cuisine and other delivery services, we offer our Tingkat Packages services to you! 

Our Tingkat Packages consists of a plethora of well-balanced and home-cooked dishes that will leave you spoiled for choice. Alongside this package, we provide hassle-free and convenient home delivery right to your doorstep. Click on for more details.

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About Buffet Packages

Our dishes bring out the best of delicious home-cooked food for your enjoyment. With the wide range of dishes at affordable rates to choose from, our buffet will surely satisfy everyone’s tongue and stomach. Our Buffet Packages comes in two versions, mini buffet and full buffet.

The full buffet offers complimentary drinks while the option for hardware rentals comes with additional costs. The mini buffet on the other hand, does not include drinks or any hardware rental services. With a combination of variety and taste, our Buffet Packages will make you and your guests feel wanting for more!

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