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    *We deliver from Mon to Fri, excl. PH and weekends.
    If the date selected falls on our non operating days, we will have to reschedule the order. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
    *2. Service Days
    *2. Service Days
    *2. Service Days

    *Minimum service days (not eligible for replacement meals)
    -10 days: 3 days per week
    -20 days: 4 days per week

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    *8. Apartment Type
    *8. Apartment Type


1. Additional Rice $8 per person (w/GST $8.56) 另加白饭每人$8 (w/GST $8.56)

2. Lunch and Dinner svc available islandwide, except Sentosa.

3. Extra charges:
(i) ERP Charges: $1/day (Applicable to CBD areas)
(ii) Condominium Charges: $1/day (Applicable to all condominiums in Singapore)
– Condominium charges can be exempted if placed at Guardhouse

4. 10 Day Package strictly with Microwave Container only

5. Payment can be made by:
(i) Cash
(ii) Cheque – Payable to Fong Fu Food Industries Pte Ltd, and indicate your address on the back of cheque.
(iii) Bank Transfer – Bank acc: UOB 354-305-783-3, Banking code 7375. Under comments for recipient, pls put your address and inv nos.
(iv) PayNow – UEN no.: 201309427C

6. Services that are 3-days per week are NOT ELIGIBLE for replacement of meals.

7. For 10 days package, you are ELIGIBLE For 2 Days Replacement meals. Please contact office within 2 working days for Lunch, and 1 working day for Dinner for cancellation of meals.


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